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Choosing a Home Water Filter - What You Need to Do 

More and more people are getting concerned about the quality of tap water. With this, they turn to home water filters to remove contaminants. If you are thinking about getting home water filter systems installed, there are several aspects that you must take into consideration. The first thing that you need to do is to evaluate your needs.


There are two types of water filters available - the POE and POU systems. The POE system treats all of the water that is entering your home while connecting to the water meter. In some cases, it connects to a pressurized storage tank. On the other hand, POU systems treat water where it is being consumed. For instance, they can be installed in the shower head or in the sink. A POU system can be attached or installed externally or inline. The POU filters that are installed inline filter all of the water that is passing through that pipe.


There are many POU water filter systems that are available from This particular water filter system is actually quite common and can come in many formats. These can include but are not limited to pitcher filters, refrigerator filters and personal water bottles with built-in filters. Such systems can be mounted to faucets, countertops or even under the sink. When it comes to variety, this system is definitely not lacking.


It would be a great idea for you to find out what is responsible for contaminating your water. If you are aware of this, choosing a home water filter system would be much easier. Also be aware of the different factors that contribute to the contamination of your water. These factors can sometimes differ from one home to another so don't just compare your problem with your neighbor's or friends'.  Watch to understand more about water softening.


It would also help if you could get some feedback from users of different water filter systems. This can be done through online means. Simply look up water filters online to know your options and look for reviews as well. There will be lots of reviews that can be found online nowadays if you only know where to look. Starting with your preferred online search engine would be a great idea. When making comparisons, be sure to look up both positive and negative reviews from so that you'll know the good and bad things about the products. Compare them according to your needs and preferences and you'll be all set.